Branding and product design of the digital service.
Project done together with Fjord team.

Fromtu is a startup with a mission to connect African small and medium sized businesses with customers in the region and overseas. The essence of the service is to empower people behind the business – give them tools to grow their network, business and knowledge. A one-stop shop b2b platform that makes trading simple.

Brand design followed by the digital service creation.

What is Fromtu? It’s what happens in between the produce is delivered “from–to” destination. It’s the human connection, relationships which are not only enabling the bussiness – they empower entire communities. The brand expresses that. 

The land, the sea and the sun. A playful, energetic and soft palette that complement the geometrical nature of the logo. 
The generative logo system enhances  diversed products across African countries.

Fromtu provides services and tools to enable businesses to achieve their ambitions. Processes and tasks need be visualized in approachable way.

In order to achieve that, the service was co-created with future users through series of workshops and product testings. Relevant information, document and actions are displayed in context. Design stays universal and is built using recognizable patterns.

Fromtu’s digital language is simple and accessible. Atomic design principles help to ensure consistency across the service.

Users are encouraged to personalize their company’s page through their logo, images or video.

Fromtu showcases businesses and their produce while the interface stays in the background acting as a canvas for individual stories.